Ian (John) Morrison - Photograph Gallery
[RAF Gan 1959]
[Contains 91 Photographs]

Gan NAAFI, 59 Nahim, Roomboy at Kadjan, Mar 59 Some of No 8 RFP Outside Kadjan, Apr 59 A 'Mothballed' Buggalo, Hitaddu, Apr 59 Sgt Pell, Ian Morrison, Mike Webster, Hitaddu, Apr 59 Coconut Collectors, Hitaddu, Apr 59
Gan Post Office, Apr 59 Porpoise in Addu Lagoon, Apr 59 Gan Mosque, Jun 59 Gan Villagers, Jun 59 More Gan Villagers, Jun 59 Children in Gan Village, Jun 59
Oil Pipes Behind Kadjans, June 59 Costain's Yard, Jun 59 Hastings Landing, Jun 59 Crashed Hastings, 3rd Jul 59 Bristol Freighter [1], Jul 59 Bristol Freighter [2], Jul 59
'Me No Worry' One of the RAF Dinghies, Jul 59 The Pinnace, Jul 59 Crashed Hastings [1], Jul 59 Crashed Hastings [2], Jul 59 Crashed Hastings [3], Jul 59 Ahmed, Who Worked at the Control Tower, Aug 59
Main Road, Gan, Aug 59 The Control Tower, Aug 59 Myself With Dakota Ground Crew, Aug 59 Shackleton, Aug 59 Gan From a Shackleton, Aug 59 Over Shackleton Wing, Aug 59
Island in Suvadiva Atoll, Aug 59 Comet XK695, The First Jet Airliner on Gan [1], Aug 59 Comet XK695, The First Jet Airliner on Gan [2], Aug 59 Block 23, Sep 59 View From Block 23, Sep 59 Myself Outside Block 23, Sep 59
Aerial Riggers Fooling About, Sep 59 Room Mates in Block 53, Dec 59 John Parkins, Christmas 59 No. 8 RFP Boat Race Team, Boxing Day 59 Neil Bennet and John Parkins, Boxing Day 59 8 RFP Boat Crew, Boxing Day 59
Army Signals Leading a RAF Team in Boat Race, 59 8 RFP 'Vikings' Well Out of the Race Board SNCO's Dhonie Maldivians Winning Race, Boxing Day 59 Station CO WC Thomas,Supervising Prize Draw, Boxing Day 59 Turtle, Boxing Day 59 'Twisted Liz' Built by Myself and Eric
Eric Working on 'Twisted Liz Launching 'Twisted Liz' Twisted Liz Sets Sail Maiden Voyage!, Myself Aboard. Eric in Water 8 RFP Kadjan Dwellers Al Sanders, No 8 RFP
Neil Bennet, No. 8 RFP Beach Behind Kadjans Beverly at Dusk Boat Sheds on Gan Capering on the Beach Chameleon on Kadjan Wall
Dhoni Park, Gan Don Cammidge Seeks Relief From Prickly Heat in the Rain First Hastings to Land on Gan. Toilet Block on the Right Football Match, 8 RFP Versus Pakistani Workers Gan Over Bows of HMS Cavalier General View From Kadjan
Going Fishing [1] Going Fishing [2] Harpooned Fish Hastings Approaching Gan Runway Heron on the Beach HMS Cavalier Crew
HMS Cavalier in Addu Lagoon Kadjan Visitors, L to R, Haviva, Farida, Cardamanica Kadjans Viewed From My Bed Space L to R. Kadjan No. 4, Eureka Hut, SNCO's Kadjan, Shower Block Main Road, Gan. NAAFI on Right Maldivian Fishermen
Mick Webster With Locally Made Harpoon Mike Webster Bailing RAF Dinghy MOs Building Catamaran Beside SSQ Myself Behind Kadjans Myself in Dakota Polynesian Princess Myself in Kadjan
Neil Bennet & SL Hicks Aboard 'No Problem' RAF Dinghy at Sailing Club Tent Tanker in the Lagoon Two Maldivian Workers on Way to SSQ Valetta Visitor From Gan Village at Message Centre
Wasima, Who Worked at SSQ, Outside a Kadjan
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